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Welcome to Valley Country Store! Our goal is to provide you products and services of the highest quality. We provide Agronomy products and services, bulk feed and petroleum and a vast array of products in our retail farm stores. We're proud to serve the communities in the beautiful Magic Valley!

We are a locally-owned farm supply cooperative committed to meeting the needs of its customers in the Magic and Wood River Valleys of southern Idaho. Valley employees take pride in providing superior customer service, whether it is delivering fuel to the farm, feed for the dairy, or assisting customers in one of our Country Stores.

We hope you you'll find the information you need on this site about our company and the products and services we provide. We look forward to working with you!

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Valley Co-ops is proud to announce our newest farm and convenience store in Bellevue….NOW OPEN!





Merger Vote Passed

Valley Co-op members voted to approve the merger with Valley Wide Cooperative. The plan passed with 82% approval. The merger will take affect September 1, 2015.

Valley Co-op mailed out checks on March 27th to its members totaling over $1.5 million.

This cash is being returned to the Co-op's members as patronage dividends and stock revolvements. Cash dividends and stock revolvements are one of the advantages of doing business with your local cooperative. Valley Co-op has returned over $8 million to its members in the last 10 years.

Valley Co-ops and Valley Wide Cooperative Sign Letter of Intent to Merge

After being partners in the success of Valley Agronomics for the past 8 years, the Board of Directors of both Valley Coops of Jerome and Valley Wide Cooperative of Rupert have unanimously approved the signing of a Letter of Intent to merge both companies into one cooperative. Both companies share a joint heritage in Agronomy, Retail, Feed, and the Fuel and Propane business, with cooperative roots that date back to the 1930’s.

Carl Pendleton, Chairman of the Board for Valley Coops feels that combining both coops will bring great value to the members of both cooperatives. “The strengths of both cooperatives will be leveraged to bring value to all of our members well into the future”, said Carl. “Combining these two companies will produce a stronger, farmer-owned cooperative that will be positioned to not only compete, but thrive well into the future”.

Board Chairman for Valley Wide Cooperative, Bill McManus believes that this merger is essential to the long term strength and survivability of the cooperative. “It’s vital for us to grow and maintain market relevance in this highly competitive environment for the benefit of our members and our employees”, said Bill. “Everyone acknowledges that agriculture continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace and it will require cooperatives working together – as one - to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our changing and growing customer base”.

The signing of the Letter of Intent will pave the way for the management of both companies to design and develop the Plan of Merger which ultimately will be submitted to the Co-ops’ members for final approval.  

Valley Co-ops
is a locally owned cooperative serving area agricultural producers, commercial businesses and families in Southern Idaho.  The result of a merger between Idaho Grange Co-op & Wendell Grange Supply in 1991, both parent cooperatives had a history of serving the needs of area customers dating back to the 1930’s. Valley Co-ops is proud to be an integral part of the agricultural communities it serves from its 9 locations with a team of 200 employees.

Valley Wide Cooperative
, also a locally owned cooperative, has experienced growth and success through several mergers over the past 15 years and operates by the cooperative principle that more can be accomplished working together than as individuals. They pride themselves in the level of service they offer, the facilities they have built and the quality of employees that make up the Valley Wide team. Valley Wide serves its patrons from Western Wyoming to Eastern Oregon through 34 locations and the efforts of over 350 employees.